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2 years ago
# LoRa tracker with KISS TNC capability
2 years ago
Tracker can be used on its own.
You can also connect it via blueetooth with APRSdroid.
After connection with APRX based DIGI it can be used as KISS-TNC
2 years ago
2 years ago
## Contributors
* Initial work: OE1ACM, OE3CJB<br>
* Redesigned: SQ9MDD<br>
* KISS TNC Over Seriall or Bluetooth: SQ5RWU<br><br>
## Supported boards
* TTGO T-beam v.0.7
* TTGO T-beam v.1.0
## User key functions:
### short press:
* if there is a GPS-FIX immediate sending of a frame with the position from the GPS
* if there is no GPS-FIX, immediate sending of the frame with the position saved in the configuration
### long press: on or off the GPS power supply
* if the "FIXED_BEACON_EN" option is enabled in the configuration, a beacon will be sent every set time interval
2 years ago
## Oled screens information
2 years ago
* ((TX)) - position frame sent automatically
* ((RX)) - informs about the received frame
* ((GPSOFF)) - GPS power-off information
* ((GPS ON)) - GPS power-on information
* ((MAN TX)) - information about sending a manually initialized GPS position frame
* ((FIX TX)) - information about the forced manual sending of a frame with the position saved in the configuration when GPS is off or no fix
* ((AUT TX)) - information about sending automatic positioning frame when GPS is turned off
* ((KISSTX)) - information about sending the frame sent by KISS