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@ -38,3 +38,16 @@ After connection with APRX based DIGI it can be used as KISS-TNC
* ((FIX TX)) - information about the forced manual sending of a frame with the position saved in the configuration when GPS is off or no fix
* ((AUT TX)) - information about sending automatic positioning frame when GPS is turned off
* ((KISSTX)) - information about sending the frame sent by KISS
## How to binary first flash readme... (thanx SP6VWX)
* Download the appropriate binary file for your board from;
* https://github.com/SQ9MDD/TTGO-T-Beam-LoRa-APRS/releases
* Download current version of the esphome-flasher tool
* https://github.com/esphome/esphome-flasher/releases
* Connect your board to your USB port and open ESPHome Flasher.
* If your board is not showing under Serial Port then you likely need to install the drivers for the CP210X serial chip. In Windows you can check by searching “Device Manager” and ensuring the device is shown under “Ports”.
* In ESPHome Flasher, refresh the serial ports and select your board's serial port.
* Browse to the downloaded firmware and select the correct firmware based on the board type.
* Select/Press Flash ESP.
* Once complete, “Done! Flashing is complete!” will be shown.
* any subsequent updates can be done via WWW