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US1GHQ d535c83cb7 Add higher speed mode for Link with BBSes. 2 days ago
US1GHQ 493777b047 Test 3 days ago
US1GHQ beb69a8646 0.4.3 Finaly all done 1 week ago
US1GHQ e5a30a0687 Change RX method for autoswitch 1 week ago
US1GHQ dd653c75dc Update frame from TCPIP and APRX 1 week ago
US1GHQ 968381645a 0.4.2 TX Autoswitch based on frames WIDE,ECHO,RELAY etc 1 week ago
US1GHQ c0905f36db Not done 1 week ago
US1GHQ 927887d42c Another fix for RX Autoswitch 1 week ago
US1GHQ 094e825bb8 v0.4.1 1 week ago
US1GHQ e135238393 Fix autoswitch mode beetwen APRS/PACKET MODES 1 week ago
US1GHQ c0c509cabf Correct switch to PKT on control packet 1 week ago
US1GHQ 9d9f780264 Version 0.4.0: Added packet mode for BBS and Winlink nodes, now you can build own BBS/WINLINK gateway and connect to the this LoRa KISS TNC. 1 week ago
US1GHQ 4f69b0ae6c Merge from KISS_TNC branch to master 1 week ago
US1GHQ 32816f960a Rewrite KISS Lib, more compact code, and remove no needed headers 1 week ago
US1GHQ e48dd29820 Merge last changes from dev 1 week ago
US1GHQ cf9ad1d667 Bugfix: Empty Relay-Path leads to invalid packages 1 week ago
US1GHQ 2c4ebf7b2d Work autoswitch RX 1 week ago
US1GHQ d988b3d9b8 Remove debug info 1 week ago
US1GHQ fa75807196 Add autoswitch on RX (need correct control packet) 1 week ago
US1GHQ adf79c852f Autoswitch mode on TX, need test 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ a5db0dd2a8 Start autoswitch from packet to aprs mode 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 3605bffe64 Fix KISS over WIFI 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 95e4d81247 Cosmetic 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ ca749ce552 Fix crc error on Winlink B2 Proto 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 40a6237df5 Fix crc error on Winlink B2 Proto 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ bbc20a2660 Start add autoswitch from APRS and packet mode:(Not done yet) 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 0b37f355c2 Update, need fix CRC checksum on B2 Mode (winlink) 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ cdbff4df9f Clean 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 5990975d34 Separate APRS and PACKET mode sources 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ b0bdfaae44 TEST-2 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 1f4c38f71e FULL KISS PACKEt MODE 2 weeks ago
US1GHQ 84a2a4b2f8 More accuracy change freq via WWW 3 weeks ago
US1GHQ b505b002cf Version 0.3.1 Added: 1. Freq config via WWW 2. APRS Mode config via WWW (300/1200) 3.Txpower setting via www 2 months ago
US1GHQ c29cf2c1f5 TEST2 2 months ago
US1GHQ 8f8ba8c0f9 TEST 2 months ago
US1GHQ 384483a7f4 Redefine OLED pins for TTGO Lora V2.1 2 months ago
US1GHQ 0a778fc9ac Set TX power via www worked too 2 months ago
US1GHQ de547b5429 Delete debug line 2 months ago
US1GHQ b46d4e5801 Set Freq now working 2 months ago
US1GHQ c19229130f Test 2 months ago
US1GHQ ae0b06d2d5 Update html 2 months ago
US1GHQ d78bd2f502 Переменные определили, теперь привязываем их куда нужно 2 months ago
US1GHQ 194d238f2f Rewrite some code 2 months ago
US1GHQ a1d06822eb Continue 2 months ago
US1GHQ 69568a2f91 Revert to working release 2 months ago
US1GHQ e538f678a5 Merge from master to dev 2 months ago
US1GHQ 0f36880ed7 Продолжение (пока еще не работает) 2 months ago
US1GHQ ca605f9c0e Наброски для изменения частоты и режима (300/1200) без перепрошивки 2 months ago
US1GHQ d9d84a7f39 Update inage in README.md 2 months ago
US1GHQ 614c67a697 Update image in readme 2 months ago