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Installation Guide using PlatformIO

1. Clone all files of the respository to your local working directory
2. Install the missing libraries
There are two possibilities - either using the Library Manager of PlatformIO or the command line tool:

1. Built-In Liabrary Manager

Press the PlatformIO HOME Button to enter the Home Screen and there the Libraries Button to add missing libraries:

Search and install the following libaries:
  • RadioHead
  • TinyGPSPlus
  • DHT sensor library for ESPx
  • Adafruit SSD1306
  • Adafruit GFX Library
  • Adafruit Unified Sensor
  • AXP202X_Library
  • OneWire
  • DallasTemperature

2. Command Line Tool

use the following commands
platformio lib install "RadioHead"
platformio lib install "TinyGPSPlus"
platformio lib install "DHT sensor library for ESPx"
platformio lib install "Adafruit SSD1306"
platformio lib install "Adafruit GFX Library"
platformio lib install "AXP202X_Library"
platformio lib install "Adafruit Unified Sensor"
platformio lib install "OneWire"
platformio lib install "DallasTemperature"

Check that the platformio.ini is available as it holds the board type for PlatformIO.
After pressing the check mark the code will be compiled, after pressing the arrow it will be compiled and uploaded to a connected TTGO.