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// Tracker for LoRA APRS
// from OE1ACM and OE3CJB redesigned by SQ9MDD
// KISS ans Bluetooth by SQ5RWU
// TTGO T-Beam v1.0 only
// licensed under CC BY-NC-SA
#define KISS_PROTOCOL // If enabled send and receive data in SIMPLE KISS format to serial port
#define CALLSIGN "NOCALL-0" // enter your callsign here - less then 6 letter callsigns please add "spaces" so total length is 6 (without SSID)
#define DIGI_PATH "WIDE1-1" // one hope please (WIDE1-1)
#define FIXED_BEACON_EN // allows cyclic sending of a bicon when GPS is turned off
#define LATIDUDE_PRESET "0000.00N" // please in APRS notation: DDMM.mmN or DDMM.mmS (used for manual or fixed beacon sending)
#define LONGITUDE_PRESET "00000.00E" // please in APRS notation: DDDMM.mmE or DDDMM.mmW (used for manual or fixed beacon sending)
#define APRS_SYMBOL "[" // other symbols are: "[" => RUNNER, "b" => BICYCLE, "<" => MOTORCYCLE, "R" => Recreation Vehicle
#define MY_COMMENT "TTGO LoRa APRS Tracker" // add your coment here - if empty then no comment is sent
#define SHOW_ALT // send Altitude in frame
#define SHOW_BATT // send battery voltage at the end of comment (we need beggining for QSY message format)
#define SHOW_RX_PACKET // uncomment to show received LoRa APS packets for the time given below
#define SHOW_RX_TIME 2000 // show RX packet for milliseconds (5000 = 5secs)
#define TXFREQ 433.775 // Transmit frequency in MHz
#define TXdbmW 20 // Transmit power in dBm 17-50mW, 18-63mW, 19-80mW, 20-100mW
#define ENABLE_BLUETOOTH // bluetooth KISS interface enable
//#define BLUETOOTH_PIN "0000"
//#define LOCAL_KISS_ECHO // echoing KISS frame back
#define T_BEAM_V1_0 // if enabled t-beam v1.0 disabled t-beam V.0.7
//#define KISS_DEBUG
#define NETWORK_TNC_PORT 8001
#define MAX_TIME_TO_NEXT_TX 360000L // TRANSMIT INTERVAL set here MAXIMUM time in ms(!) for smart beaconing - minimum time is always 1 min = 60 secs = 60000L !!!
#define FIX_BEACON_INTERVAL 1800000L // Fixed beacon interwal (when GPS is disabled and FIXED_BEACON_EN is enabled) 30min default