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<h2>Simple LoRA tracker with KISS TNC capability</h2>
Initial work: OE1ACM, OE3CJB<br>
Redesigned: SQ9MDD<br>
KISS TNC Over Seriall or Bluetooth: SQ5RWU<br><br>
Hardware: TTGO T-beam v.1.0 / v.0.7
<h3>User key functions:</h3>
1. short press:<br>
- if there is a FIX immediate sending of a frame with the position from the GPS<br>
- if there is no FIX, immediate sending of the frame with the position saved in the configuration<br>
2. long press: on or off the GPS power supply<br>
- if the "FIXED_BEACON_EN" option is enabled in the configuration, a beacon will be sent every set time interval.<br>