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Peter Maydell 2d88a3a595 Block layer patches 3 months ago
.github/workflows .github: move repo lockdown to the v2 configuration 8 months ago
.gitlab/issue_templates GitLab: Add "Feature Request" issue template. 11 months ago
.gitlab-ci.d linux-user: Remove the deprecated ppc64abi32 target 4 months ago
accel Fix safe_syscall_base for sparc64. 3 months ago
audio dsoundaudio: fix crackling audio recordings 5 months ago
authz configure, meson: convert pam detection to meson 11 months ago
backends docs: move D-Bus VMState documentation to source XML 5 months ago
block nbd: handle AioContext change correctly 3 months ago
bsd-user bsd-user/signal.c: Only copy the _capsicum for FreeBSD_version > 1400026 4 months ago
chardev chardev/char-socket: tcp_chr_sync_read: don't clobber errno 5 months ago
common-user common-user/host/sparc64: Fix safe_syscall_base 4 months ago
configs linux-user: Remove the deprecated ppc64abi32 target 4 months ago
contrib contrib/plugins: add a drcov plugin 4 months ago
crypto crypto: add gnutls pbkdf provider 11 months ago
disas target/riscv: setup everything for rv64 to support rv128 execution 5 months ago
docs ppc-7.0 queue 3 months ago
dtc@b6910bec11 dtc: Update to version 1.6.1 8 months ago
dump dump: Remove is_zero_page() 5 months ago
ebpf ebpf: only include in system emulators 8 months ago
fpu softfloat: Add float64r32 arithmetic routines 5 months ago
fsdev 9pfs: make V9fsPath usable via P9Array API 7 months ago
gdb-xml target/arm: Advertise MVE to gdb when present 7 months ago
hw Block layer patches 3 months ago
include include/exec: fix softmmu version of TARGET_ABI_FMT_lx 4 months ago
io aio-posix: split poll check from ready handler 5 months ago
libdecnumber libdecnumber: Introduce decNumberIntegralToInt128 7 months ago
linux-headers update-linux-headers: Add asm-riscv/kvm.h 4 months ago
linux-user Fix safe_syscall_base for sparc64. 3 months ago
meson@12f9f04ba0 meson: bump submodule to 0.59.3 7 months ago
migration migration: Move temp page setup and cleanup into separate functions 4 months ago
monitor migration: Tally pre-copy, downtime and post-copy bytes independently 4 months ago
nbd nbd/server.c: Remove unused field 4 months ago
net rtc: Move RTC function prototypes to their own header 4 months ago
pc-bios spapr/vof: Install rom and nvram binaries 4 months ago
plugins plugins: add helper functions for coverage plugins 4 months ago
po po: update turkish translation 7 months ago
python python/aqmp: add socket bind step to 4 months ago
qapi nbd patches for 2022-01-28 4 months ago
qga * configure and meson fixes 4 months ago
qobject qobject: braces {} are necessary for all arms of this statement 1 year ago
qom monitor: Fix find_device_state() for IDs containing slashes 7 months ago
replay replay: notify CPU on event 1 year ago
roms Fixes and updates for hppa target 4 months ago
scripts tracing: excise the tcg related from tracetool 4 months ago
scsi error: Use error_fatal to simplify obvious fatal errors (again) 9 months ago
semihosting target/riscv: Replace riscv_cpu_is_32bit with riscv_cpu_mxl 7 months ago
slirp@a88d9ace23 Update libslirp to v4.6.1 10 months ago
softmmu softmmu/cpus: Check if the cpu work list is empty atomically 4 months ago
storage-daemon qsd: Document fuse's allow-other option 4 months ago
stubs hw/pci: Restrict pci-bus stub to sysemu 4 months ago
subprojects/libvhost-user libvhost-user: Map shared RAM with MAP_NORESERVE to support virtio-mem with hugetlb 4 months ago
target ppc-7.0 queue 3 months ago
tcg Fix safe_syscall_base for sparc64. 3 months ago
tests Block layer patches 3 months ago
tools virtiofsd: Drop membership of all supplementary groups (CVE-2022-0358) 4 months ago
trace tracing: excise the tcg related from tracetool 4 months ago
ui spice: Update QXLInterface for spice >= 0.15.0 4 months ago
util util/oslib-posix: Fix missing unlock in the error path of os_mem_prealloc() 4 months ago
.cirrus.yml tests: Manually remove libxml2 on MSYS2 runners 4 months ago
.editorconfig .editorconfig: update the automatic mode setting for Emacs 1 year ago
.gitattributes maint: Tell git that *.py files should use python diff hunks 1 year ago
.gitignore .gitignore: add .gcov pattern 4 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml docs: Document GitLab custom CI/CD variables 10 months ago
.gitmodules gitmodules: Correct libvirt-ci submodule URL 4 months ago
.mailmap MAINTAINERS: Change philmd's email address 5 months ago
.patchew.yml scripts/checkpatch: roll diff tweaking into checkpatch itself 11 months ago
.travis.yml travis.yml: Remove the "Release tarball" job 8 months ago
Kconfig meson: Introduce target-specific Kconfig 11 months ago kconfig: split CONFIG_SPARSE_MEM from fuzzing 8 months ago
MAINTAINERS ppc-7.0 queue 3 months ago
Makefile Makefile: also remove .gcno files when cleaning 4 months ago
README.rst README: Fix some documentation URLs 7 months ago
VERSION Open 6.3 development tree 5 months ago
block.c block: bdrv_set_backing_hd(): use drained section 4 months ago
blockdev-nbd.c block/nbd: Use qcrypto_tls_creds_check_endpoint() 11 months ago
blockdev.c block: Lock AioContext for drain_end in blockdev-reopen 4 months ago
blockjob.c blockjob: drop BlockJob.blk field 5 months ago
configure linux-user: Remove the deprecated ppc64abi32 target 4 months ago
cpu.c cpu.c: Make start-powered-off settable after realize 4 months ago
disas.c Do not include cpu.h if it's not really necessary 1 year ago
gdbstub.c gdbstub, kvm: let KVM report supported singlestep flags 6 months ago
gitdm.config contrib/gitdm: add a new interns group-map for GSoC/Outreachy work 10 months ago
hmp-commands-info.hx monitor: move x-query-profile into accel/tcg to fix build 4 months ago
hmp-commands.hx hmp: Add shortcut to stop command to match cont 7 months ago
iothread.c iothread: use IOThreadParamInfo in iothread_[set|get]_param() 8 months ago
job-qmp.c progressmeter: protect with a mutex 11 months ago
job.c job.c: add missing notifier initialization 5 months ago exec/memory_ldst: Use correct type sizes 1 year ago tracing: excise the tcg related from tracetool 4 months ago
meson_options.txt drop libxml2 checks since libxml is not actually used (for parallels) 4 months ago
os-posix.c remove qemu-options* from root directory 1 year ago
os-win32.c remove qemu-options* from root directory 1 year ago
page-vary-common.c exec: Build page-vary-common.c with -fno-lto 1 year ago
page-vary.c exec: Build page-vary-common.c with -fno-lto 1 year ago
qemu-edid.c edid: set default resolution to 1280x800 (WXGA) 5 months ago
qemu-img-cmds.hx qemu-img: Unify [-b [-F]] documentation 4 months ago
qemu-img.c qemu-img: make is_allocated_sectors() more efficient 4 months ago
qemu-io-cmds.c block: Acquire AioContexts during bdrv_reopen_multiple() 11 months ago
qemu-io.c error: Use error_fatal to simplify obvious fatal errors (again) 9 months ago
qemu-keymap.c qemu-keymap: Add license in generated files 5 months ago
qemu-nbd.c nbd/server: Add --selinux-label option 6 months ago
qemu-options.hx hw/arm/virt: Support CPU cluster on ARM virt machine 4 months ago
qemu.nsi nsis: adjust for new MinGW paths 1 year ago
qemu.sasl sasl: remove comment about obsolete kerberos versions 12 months ago
replication.c replication: move include out of root directory 1 year ago
trace-events tracing: remove TCG memory access tracing 4 months ago



QEMU is a generic and open source machine & userspace emulator and

QEMU is capable of emulating a complete machine in software without any
need for hardware virtualization support. By using dynamic translation,
it achieves very good performance. QEMU can also integrate with the Xen
and KVM hypervisors to provide emulated hardware while allowing the
hypervisor to manage the CPU. With hypervisor support, QEMU can achieve
near native performance for CPUs. When QEMU emulates CPUs directly it is
capable of running operating systems made for one machine (e.g. an ARMv7
board) on a different machine (e.g. an x86_64 PC board).

QEMU is also capable of providing userspace API virtualization for Linux
and BSD kernel interfaces. This allows binaries compiled against one
architecture ABI (e.g. the Linux PPC64 ABI) to be run on a host using a
different architecture ABI (e.g. the Linux x86_64 ABI). This does not
involve any hardware emulation, simply CPU and syscall emulation.

QEMU aims to fit into a variety of use cases. It can be invoked directly
by users wishing to have full control over its behaviour and settings.
It also aims to facilitate integration into higher level management
layers, by providing a stable command line interface and monitor API.
It is commonly invoked indirectly via the libvirt library when using
open source applications such as oVirt, OpenStack and virt-manager.

QEMU as a whole is released under the GNU General Public License,
version 2. For full licensing details, consult the LICENSE file.


Documentation can be found hosted online at
`<>`_. The documentation for the
current development version that is available at
`<>`_ is generated from the ``docs/``
folder in the source tree, and is built by `Sphinx


QEMU is multi-platform software intended to be buildable on all modern
Linux platforms, OS-X, Win32 (via the Mingw64 toolchain) and a variety
of other UNIX targets. The simple steps to build QEMU are:

.. code-block:: shell

mkdir build
cd build

Additional information can also be found online via the QEMU website:

* `<>`_
* `<>`_
* `<>`_

Submitting patches

The QEMU source code is maintained under the GIT version control system.

.. code-block:: shell

git clone

When submitting patches, one common approach is to use 'git
format-patch' and/or 'git send-email' to format & send the mail to the mailing list. All patches submitted must contain
a 'Signed-off-by' line from the author. Patches should follow the
guidelines set out in the `style section
<>` of
the Developers Guide.

Additional information on submitting patches can be found online via
the QEMU website

* `<>`_
* `<>`_

The QEMU website is also maintained under source control.

.. code-block:: shell

git clone

* `<>`_

A 'git-publish' utility was created to make above process less
cumbersome, and is highly recommended for making regular contributions,
or even just for sending consecutive patch series revisions. It also
requires a working 'git send-email' setup, and by default doesn't
automate everything, so you may want to go through the above steps
manually for once.

For installation instructions, please go to

* `<>`_

The workflow with 'git-publish' is:

.. code-block:: shell

$ git checkout master -b my-feature
$ # work on new commits, add your 'Signed-off-by' lines to each
$ git publish

Your patch series will be sent and tagged as my-feature-v1 if you need to refer
back to it in the future.

Sending v2:

.. code-block:: shell

$ git checkout my-feature # same topic branch
$ # making changes to the commits (using 'git rebase', for example)
$ git publish

Your patch series will be sent with 'v2' tag in the subject and the git tip
will be tagged as my-feature-v2.

Bug reporting

The QEMU project uses GitLab issues to track bugs. Bugs
found when running code built from QEMU git or upstream released sources
should be reported via:

* `<>`_

If using QEMU via an operating system vendor pre-built binary package, it
is preferable to report bugs to the vendor's own bug tracker first. If
the bug is also known to affect latest upstream code, it can also be
reported via GitLab.

For additional information on bug reporting consult:

* `<>`_


For version history and release notes, please visit
`<>`_ or look at the git history for
more detailed information.


The QEMU community can be contacted in a number of ways, with the two
main methods being email and IRC

* `<>`_
* `<>`_
* #qemu on

Information on additional methods of contacting the community can be
found online via the QEMU website:

* `<>`_